VIDEO: Stranded, but not alone


When workers showed up last Sunday at White Crest Beach in Cape Cod, Mass., a 14-foot male great white shark that weighed about 2,000 pounds awaited them. It had apparently run aground and was thrashing in the shallows.

Beachgoers made a valiant effort to save the shark by dragging it back into the ocean.

"This could be one of those instances where a big animal gets into shallow water and can't get back out," state shark scientist Greg Skomal told the Cape Cod Times.

He said researchers tagging great whites along the Outer Cape recently noticed that seals are moving into shallower areas and sharks are attempting to follow them, sometimes risking going aground.

"Those sharks are going to come in, and sometimes they will make a mistake and fail," Skomal said.

Once the shark was back in the water, it was towed slowly in circles in an effort to revive it by getting water to flow over its gills. The strategy did not work, and the shark died.