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VIDEO: Sudden impact

The investigation into why a professional racing team ran hard aground on a reef at 22 miles an hour continues.

Both of the 65-foot yacht’s rudders were damaged and the stern was left with a gaping hole. A week after the Nov. 29 accident, in which none of the nine crewmembers of Team Vestas Wind were injured, an onboard video was released.

The team was sailing one of seven identical yachts in the Volvo Ocean Race, a 35,000-mile, around-the-world contest.

The Danish sailing team crashed onto the Cargados Carajos Shoals off Mauritius, a remote archipelago in the Indian Ocean, in the early stages of the second leg.

Although the team has “suspended” racing and is working toward a solution that gets them back into the race, the technology publication Wired has published a meaty technical story about what is required to quickly fix a broken $6 million racing yacht.