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VIDEO: Summer of sharks

Near-shore shark sightings on the East Coast and West Coast are fairly common, yet each dramatic photograph or video clip seems to stir up a media frenzy and public fascination.

Recent photos and video of a great white tailing a kayaker off Cape Cod, Mass., went viral.

The best reports of shark sightings incorporate commentary by scientists and other experts, and there have been several this week.

CNN's Brian Todd reported from Orleans, Mass. — the scene of the kayak-shark encounter — from aboard a marine fisheries vessel launching buoys with sonar receivers to monitor the approach of sharks previously tagged by researchers.

Click play to view the CNN report.

A National Public Radio report includes an eyewitness account of the kayak encounter from Greg Johnson, head lifeguard at Nauset Beach, and an interview with a longtime frequenter of the area’s beaches who says sharks return every year, led by one thing: seals.

“It's a force of nature,” James Powers of Rhode Island tells NPR. “The seals come here; the sharks follow them in. Happens yearly. They can't expect anything different. They know when the seals come, so they know the sharks will be following. So it's simple as that.”

Click here to listen to that report.

CNN has also assembled a video collection of shark encounters. Click here to watch sharks in action.