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VIDEO: Sunken yacht is trapped beneath ice

A 76-foot yacht trapped under ice in Antarctica is the subject of a eerie photos making the rounds on the Internet.

The photographs were taken last week by Ruslan Elisleev, a mechanic and navigator for the Russian Antarctic Expedition in Maxwell Bay.

Click play to view a slideshow of the yacht under ice.

Four Brazilian men were rescued from the sinking vessel in April. Ice compression and 60-knot winds are suspected as the cause of the sinking.

The boat is owned by the Brazilian journalist and entrepreneur João Lara Mesquita, who was making a documentary in the region. In his blog, Mesquita wrote about the accident April 5: “Our evacuation was epic. Waves of more than [5 feet] and winds over 40 knots made the boat jump from one side to another, like a bucking bronco.”

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