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VIDEO: Suzuki offers second-generation 4-strokes

Yamaha and Mercury outboards might dominate the water in many coastal areas, but a smaller manufacturer such as Suzuki deserves serious consideration, especially after unveiling five new engines from 15 to 250 hp.

You'll get a chance to see these second-generation 4-strokes at the fall boat shows. I tested them in June at a Suzuki product introduction in the Florida Keys. The DF15A, DF20A and DF250AP are completely new engines, but the DF115A and DF140A are based on the same baseline design as their predecessor, the DF140, Suzuki product planning manager David Greenwood says.

The previous 115 had a smaller displacement block, 1,950 cubic centimeters, and now is the same size as the 140, 2,044 cubic centimeters, he adds.

Click play to watch Landry’s test drive in the Keys.

Suzuki also introduced the DF15A and 20A. These are the first batteryless outboards in the 20-hp and smaller category with electronic fuel injection, Greenwood says. “One of the key benefits is that it has eliminated all of the carburetion issues that smaller engines have,” Greenwood says. “Another one is having batteryless fuel injection means you have 40 less pounds to carry around.”

Suzuki built the 250AP around a larger engine block with a 4-liter displacement; the previous 250’s displacement was 3.6 liters. The engine also has new lower-unit technology. Suzuki’s selective rotation allows the dealer to program the engine for right- or left-hand propeller rotation.

The 115A and 140A now utilize Suzuki’s Lean Burn technology, which equates to better fuel efficiency, and Suzuki engineers were able to reduce the weight of the 140A by about 14 pounds.

About 30 boatbuilders sent representatives to the product introduction at the Ocean Reef Resort.

"For the past few years we've been hanging more and more Suzukis," says Craig Silbernick, director of materials and supply chain for Larson Boats. "Suzuki has continued to make more and more of a name for themselves."