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VIDEO: Swept ashore

The beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was flush with people enjoying the sun and sea and many of them stopped to watch the handsome 60-foot motoryacht Criola II steam by a few hundred yards offshore.

When the engine cut out, the four men aboard suddenly found themselves at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean.

Owner Luiz Carlos Peixoto, who was at the helm when the incident occurred, told the local press that he tried to fix the engine, but waves began boarding the vessel, knocking around all aboard.

“I crashed on the floor. The sea was uncontrollable. The waves took everything I had with me — my cellphone and wallet,” he said, adding that he thought he was going to die.

All four eventually abandoned the yacht and waded to shore, battered but not seriously hurt.

The cause of the Sept. 14 accident is under investigation. The owner was notified that he is responsible for the removal of the now-wrecked yacht.

The media outlet LiveLeak uploaded the entire 9 minutes of raw video of the accident, captured from the beach by an onlooker.

LiveLeak also posted a second video, shot with a flying quadcopter, which shows the yacht five days after the accident, hard aground on the beach and covered in spray-painted graffiti.

When the camera swoops around, you see the entire port side of the hull, which is beam-to the breaking surf, torn apart. The dismantling continued until the yacht was broken into pieces on the beach.