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VIDEO: Taking a bow

At 1,132 feet, the Queen Mary 2 is the largest ocean liner ever built. She was christened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 and has undertaken more than 420 voyages, including more than 200 trans-Atlantic crossings, and has called at 182 ports in 60 countries.

Iconic cruise line Cunard is commemorating the ship’s 10th anniversary with a world cruise that culminates May 9 in Southampton, England. But something more was needed, and a publicity photo shoot was hatched.

Cunard recently captured dramatic photographs of Capt. Kevin Oprey, master of the Queen Mary 2, standing on the bulbous bow beneath the flagship’s soaring hull a mile off Bali.

The images were taken by Australian photographer James Morgan. Two safety vessels were standing by during the photo shoot, but Cunard said Oprey remained sure-footed.

Click play for a video explaining how they got the shot.

It took months of planning and five hours of waiting on the day of the shoot until conditions allowed the captain to get onto the bulbous bow.

“When we first got there we couldn’t have gone near the ship,” Morgan said. “We were waiting for the current and the swell to be perfect for us, then we rode alongside and the captain just gently stepped out onto the bow.”

“When I was left alone on the boat, everything was very quiet — it was almost like an eerie silence,” Oprey said. “I was there by myself. I was actually facing ahead at this stage, so I didn’t really see what was behind me.”

Click play for video of the QM2 in Force 9 conditions during a 2011 trans-Atlantic voyage.