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VIDEO: 'That's not a dolphin'

A group of Australian angling buddies came away from a recent outing with a fish tale about the one they were glad got away — a shark the size of their aluminum boat.

Just as they were about to start fishing about 2-1/2 miles offshore, they spotted a pod of dolphins, and then …

“I saw one with a massive fin and said, ‘That’s not a dolphin,' ” Daniel Flemming told News 9, of Perth. The curious 16-1/2-foot shark approached their boat and bit the transducer.

“When it first came up it was a bit daunting. It was a shark the same size as the boat, and it pushed the boat around a couple of times,” Flemming said.

The good-natured men admit that the predator’s attention made them nervous, but that didn’t stop them from filming the beast as it followed their boat for about two hours.