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VIDEO: The biggest? No, the baddest

Billionaire superyacht owners and their competition for the “biggest in the world” title make good comedic fodder for the rest of us.

When it came to his superyacht, Russian fertilizer and chemical magnate Andrey Melnichenko decided to forgo the “biggest” title for a design invoking that of a James Bond supervillain.

The striking $350 million, 390-foot yacht — named simply A — was launched in 2008 and has prompted debate over whether it’s the “most loved” or “most loathed” superyacht on the seas.

Click play for a video tour of A.

The billionaire and his former model/pop singer wife recently paid a visit to New Zealand, where the press was allowed to tour the yacht with its cameras rolling.

The yacht’s distinctive submarine profile belies the fact that inside is all of the opulence you’d expect from a billionaire — a spiral staircase with scalloped, silver-leaf walls; Baccarat crystal and crocodile-skinned furniture; bath knobs costing $40,000 each; a helipad and swimming pool forward and two more pools aft, one of which is glass-bottomed and can be viewed from the disco below; and a rumored escape pod in case of emergencies, according to an entry on Wikipedia.