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VIDEO: The ‘perfect’ fishing boat

In the June issue of Soundings, check out our fishing special, which includes a story on swordfish guru and artist R.J. Boyle, a look back at the cod fishery and the key ingredients of the “perfect” fishing boat.

I wrote the perfect-boat story. After seven interviews with boatbuilders and veteran anglers, it all boils down to a few key elements. The perfect fishing boat delivers a smooth, dry, relatively economical ride in a package with obstruction-free deck space and oodles of both dry and insulated storage.

In the story, Bill Platt, a 44-year-old professional fisherman, talks about the importance of storage and open working space. His 36-foot Invincible center console has plenty of both.

Click play to watch.

He also stresses the value of a boat that keeps the skipper dry.

Platt runs his boat around the Gulf of Mexico and Florida’s East Coast more than 100 miles in a day when he’s immersed in a kingfish tournament. You can hear from Platt and see his boat in this video.