VIDEO: Thrill-seeking in the Big Apple


It’s hard not to admire someone who chucks a shoreside career for one on the water.

Anthony Stallone is the leader Jetty Jumpers, a PWC club whose members love nothing better than jumping wakes.

“Every time you catch a wave, you’re just, like, dancing with the ocean. And it’s beautiful,” Stallone, 40, told The New York Times, which profiled the group in its Summer Shorelines series.

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Stallone left a job assembling furniture to start the Jetty Jumpers, which also provides guided PWC tours of the Big Apple.

Jetty Jumpers are a varied group of about 40 who share a love of riding and the freedom they find on the water.

“You have the guys who are nuts, who ride it like they stole it, and then you have the guys that just cruise,” Stallone said. “Me? I ride it like I stole it.”

Their turf includes “the jetty” on the western tip of the Rockaway peninsula and “the Hump,” a sandbar that collects off Manhattan Beach.

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