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VIDEO: Trapped with a great white

Shanghai-based ad executive Chan Ming was on a five-day dive tour through great white shark habitats from Ensenada, Mexico, to Guadalupe Island.

On Oct. 5 he got into the water, hoping to see sharks from the safety of a cage. Leaping for a piece of tuna, a juvenile great white obliged, but it struck the bars of the cage and entered with Chan still inside.

A tour employee lifted open the top hatch so the shark could get out of the cage. Once it did, Chan pulled himself out. He was not hurt.

“Honestly, at that moment I don’t have time to get afraid,” Chan said later in a phone interview with the New York Times. “Because the shark is coming, a very sharp moment, two seconds.”

The video was posted on the YouTube channel Gabe and Garrett, an adventure-themed account for children. The boys’ father, who was on the dive tour, captured the footage.