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VIDEO: Waterfront dining

“Consider the subtleness of the sea,” Melville advised us in “Moby Dick.” But more than a few diners in Southern California would beg to differ with his characterization.

The region has been enduring a series of storms that are easing three years of drought. The last storm, the largest since December 2010, brought Los Angeles to roughly half of its normal rainfall level and ended a very long wildfire season. And it produced some massive waves.

Diners at Moby Dick, a restaurant on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, probably thought they had found the perfect place to watch the storm’s drama unfold Saturday. This video shows a roller headed right for the restaurant seconds before it crashed through the window. On the plus side, no one’s going to need a refill on water.

At the Beachside Bar-Café in Goleta Beach, about 10 miles up the coast, two workers hustling to secure loose patio furniture were knocked down by a wave that dragged one of them out and left him under the nearby pier.

Boats didn’t fare well either. Check out this slideshow of the wicked weather’s wrath.