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VIDEO: Wave eater

Chances are you will never drive, let alone own one, but the newly launched Barracuda II is built to be extremely seaworthy, invisible to radar and, yes, bulletproof.

Take a look at a recent sea trial in Force 9 conditions — 50-knot winds and breaking 13- to 16-foot waves.

Barracuda II is built by Safehaven Marine, an Irish builder of rugged commercial and military vessels. The stealth boat is fitted with ballistic protection level BR6, which means it cannot be penetrated by a rifle fired from about 30 feet away.

With twin Caterpillar C9 575-hp engines, the 45-foot boat can reach 35 mph.

The high-speed interceptor boat will be ready for military purchase early next year with a choice of customer-specified weapons systems and gyrostabilization.