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VIDEO: West Marine hands out Green Product of the Year honors

Attwood and Pettit both captured West Marine’s Green Product of the Year Award at the Miami International Boat Show.

"The award is really rooted in our history and mission around having a responsibility for the environment," West Marine CEO Matt Hyde told Trade Only Today. "We try to find products that improve boating and have a lighter impact on the environment."

The judges named the Attwood Fuel Demand Valve and West Marine CFA Eco Antifouling Bottom Paint made by Pettit Paint co-winners. The EPA in 2011 began mandating that portable fuel tanks be sealed and leak-proof. The Attwood Fuel Demand Valve only allows fuel to pass when the engine pulls fuel from the tank. West Marine’s CFA Eco Antifouling Bottom Paint is the world’s first copper-free, dual biocide, water-based ablative antifouling paint, according to West Marine. It busts barnacles using the metal-free Econea biocide, with a slime-fighting inhibitor for multiseason protection. It is about $220 a gallon.

Click here for a video with West Marine vice president of product information Chuck Hawley.

The judges made their selection based on effectiveness, cost-competitiveness, environmental impact, degree of innovation and verification of claims, according to West Marine.

West Marine associates and Volvo Penta of the Americas engineering manager Rich Kolb recused themselves from voting because their products were finalists, according to West Marine.

— Chris Landry