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VIDEO: Whale takes anchored sailboat on a wild ride

Anchored for the evening off Queensland, Australia, a couple were jolted from their peace when a humpback whale grabbed their anchor rode in its mouth and dragged their sailboat.

“It’s trying to wreck the boat!” skipper Glenn Wilson is heard shouting as his wife, Nerida Higgins, videotapes the 15-minute ordeal.

Click here to see the video shot by Higgins.

Wilson estimates the whale towed their boat nearly two miles at 10 knots.

In a television news interview, Higgins says they called the coast guard and police but got no response. "I don't think he believed me. I think they thought we'd had a few drinks or something," she tells a reporter.

Wilson eventually cut the line to put an end to the drama. They returned to shore unharmed, with their boat intact, and one whale of a fish tale.