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VIDEO: White-knuckle moments

There might have been a dry mouth or two among the crew of this commercial fishing boat as it jogged into big, foaming seas and gale conditions in the North Atlantic.

She is identified in this video posting as a Newfoundland crabber out of Port de Grave, although other information suggests she is a Scottish trawler, and the photos were taken on the Grand Banks.

Regardless, she clearly is a well-found vessel doing her best in heavy conditions.

Click play to watch.

We published a story in the June issue of Soundings describing a 45-foot fishing boat out of Nova Scotia that was hit by a rogue wave inside Sable Island earlier this year. Capt. Sandy Stoddard says it was a typical day of fishing for early March — winds gusting to 40 or 50 knots, seas 10 to 12 feet.

“It was just a normal fishing day for us in winter,” he says. “Then out of nowhere — where it came from, I don’t know — a wave picked us up and slammed us down on our butts.”

How big was the wave? The 57-year-old skipper doesn’t know for certain, but he estimated it at “50-, 60-, 70-feet high.”

It’s a remarkable story.