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VIDEO: Windjammer racing

During the 19th century cargo-laden schooners raced to be the first into port so they could capture the best market prices. The Maine Windjammer Association’s annual Great Schooner Race honors this tradition. Four classes, based on the size and design of each boat, compete.

The Coaster Class is for pre-World War I (1910) schooners. These include Victory Chimes, Stephen Taber and Isaac H. Evans.

The Leeward Class is for post-World War I vessels. Angelique and Heritage fit the class.

The Windward Class features the largest vessels, such as Mary Day and American Eagle.

The Flying Jib Class contains schooners of less than 50 feet. Summertime and Windfield Lash are two examples.

Anyone can book passage for the race. Packages, starting at $850, include meals, overnight accommodations, activities and race participation. No prior sailing experience is required.

Visit for this year’s results, photos and information about joining the event in 2017.