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VIDEO: Yacht captain busted for smuggling

To anyone at the Palm Harbor Marina, the 106-foot Lazzara known as Secret Spot seemed like just another motoryacht in Palm Beach, Fla.

So when the yacht’s captain, Jon Paul Costenbader — who reportedly has worked with the Discovery Channel for its Shark Week and Spike TV for a series on surviving disasters — was led away by federal authorities for drug running, it had the locals talking.

“We’re flabbergasted to say the least,” marina manager John Smundin told the Palm Beach Post when he learned of the arrest last Wednesday. “It doesn’t represent the types of clients we have here.”

It’s not clear who owns the yacht.

Agents from Border Protection, Homeland Security and the Drug Enforcement Administration approached Costenbader as he was transferring duffel bags from Secret Spot to a pickup truck in the marina.

Costenbader had not reported in with U.S. Customs and said his last port of call was in the Bahamas. The agents asked what was in the bags and Costenbader replied: “cocaine,” according to the Palm Beach Post report.

To be exact, 620 pounds of cocaine, and authorities say this was not the captain’s first foray into drug smuggling.