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Volvo Penta expands IPS pod drive lineup

Volvo Penta recently announced its new D11 inline 6-cylinder diesel will now power two new IPS pod drive systems: the IPS800 and IPS950.

“The IPS800 and 950 are matched with the new 625- and 725-hp D11 diesel engines. … The result is two new and reliable drive packages both with classic Volvo Penta quality: a unique high torque,” Volvo Penta vice president of marine sales for North America Marcia Kull said in a statement.

The packages are a good fit for boats from 40 to 60 feet, flybridge yachts and convertibles in particular, said chief project manager Thomas Lantz at a presentation earlier this summer.

The IPS800 and IPS950 have a new gear ratio matched to the D11’s higher rpm and props, which results in improved engine torque and better handling, acceleration, engine load carrying ability and joystick maneuverability, Lantz said. The new gear ratio broadens the speed range from 28 to 40 knots to 20 to 40 knots.

“Based on the D11, the new IPS models deliver tremendous power and strength throughout the rev range,” Lantz said in a statement.

The D11 maintains the same installation dimensions as the previous version. Plus, the fuel and oil filters, oil fill and oil dipstick are grouped in the aft end of the engine when installed. Volvo Penta’s lineup of IPS systems can be installed in double, triple and quadruple power packages on boats from 35 to 100 feet.

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