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Volvo Penta’s D11 6-cylinder diesel

Volvo Penta’s new D11 inline 6-cylinder diesel will now power two new IPS pod-drive systems: the IPS800 and IPS950 (pictured). The package makes a good match for boats from 40 to 60 feet, especially flybridge yachts and convertibles, says Thomas Lantz, Volvo Penta’s chief project manager for the D11.

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“The D11 will be ideally suited for these boats because their weight typically places high demands on the engine performance,” says Lantz.

The 800 and 950 drives will team with the 625-, 670- and 725-hp versions of the D11, resulting in a more powerful and responsive system, according to Volvo Penta. An improved turbo and air filter generate the additional horsepower. A new air filter cap reduces engine noise, and an upgraded cylinder head improves cooling, according to Lantz. The noise level of the D11 is 2 decibels lower than the previous version, which is quite noticeable, he says.

The drives have a new gear ratio matched to the new engine’s higher rpm and propellers, resulting in improved torque and better handling, acceleration, engine load “carrying ability” and joystick maneuverability, Lantz says. The gear ratio broadens the speed range from 28 to 40 knots to 20 to 40 knots.

“We have further enhanced our twin-entry turbo where each exhaust pulses to maximize charging pressure,” says Lantz. “This gives an extremely powerful torque already at low rpm. The engine responds instantly to operator commands and provides improved drivability with stronger acceleration.”

The D11 maintains the same installation dimensions. Also, the fuel and oil filters, oil fill and oil dipstick are grouped in the aft end of the engine. Volvo Penta’s lineup of IPS systems can be installed in double, triple and quadruple packages in boats from 35 to 100 feet.

November 2013 issue