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Vote for the Coast Guard video of the year

This year has proven eventful for the U.S. Coast Guard.

Just 12 days into 2010, Coast Guard men and women were under way to support Haiti following the earthquake. Not long after, the service responded to the largest environmental response in America's history after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig caught fire and sank in the Gulf of Mexico.

Intertwined with these major response efforts, the Coast Guard also saved more than 4,300 lives, responded to more than 22,000 search-and-rescue cases, prevented more than 200,000 pounds of cocaine from reaching the U.S., boarded more than 2,100 high-interest vessels bound for U.S. ports, interdicted nearly 4,700 undocumented migrants attempting to illegally enter the United States from the sea and conducted more than 5,000 fisheries conservation boardings.

Sometimes you get a glimpse of the service in action on TV, but often you don't. And with all this activity what better way to tell the Coast Guard story than through video?

Enter, the Coast Guard Video of the Year contest.

A team combed through the more than 600 Coast Guard videos from 2010 to select 11 finalists for this year's contest. Now, the agency is asking for help in deciding the top three.

The video compilation is a first look at the 11 finalists (in no particular order). Click here to watch the video on YouTube or click here to watch in CGVI.

To cast a vote, just watch the videos as they are posted and then choose to "like" your favorite video on our YouTube 2010 Video of the Year playlist or on this Facebook fan page.