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Water patrols getting too intrusive for some

The boaters complaining about obtrusive marine police patrols say they want to navigate New York’s Hudson River in peace, without running a gauntlet of safety checks. The police say they've got to safeguard the boats on the water and infrastructure on the shores from the threats of carelessness, drunkenness, smuggling and malice.

"Boaters are up in arms at this point," said Lex Filipowski, a longtime boater from Fishkill, N.Y., who is leading a nautical movement to combat what some boaters see as flat-out harassment and violations of their Fourth Amendment protection against unlawful searches.

A free society can't legislate for every possible situation, Filipowski said, and a tragedy like a fatal boating accident on the river over the weekend, "doesn't justify the harassment of the boaters."

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