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Waterway restrictions for NYC fireworks

Tropical Storm Arthur might make the issue irrelevant because of the weather, but the Captain of the Port New York has established and will strictly enforce a regulated area on the waters of the Upper New York Bay in the vicinity of Ellis Island and Liberty Island for viewing the Liberty State Park Fourth of July Fireworks Display from 6 p.m., until approximately 11 p.m., on Friday.

All spectator vessels can enter the designated viewing area at 8 p.m., and no later than 9 pm., Vessels shall be required to hold position, not at anchor and not depart the section until released by the on-scene Coast Guard Patrol Commander.

This information will be broadcasted via VHF-FM Channel 13 and 16.

All spectator vessels shall maintain a 100-yard distance from any Coast Guard vessel at anchor at all times.

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