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Waterways study slated for Lake Chaplain

The Coast Guard is scheduled to conduct a waterways analysis and management system study of Lake Chaplain.

The study will focus on the aids to navigation systems, waterborne commerce, marine casualty information, emergency response plans, routine and emergency communication capabilities, and future development projects on the lake, according to the Coast Guard. The public has until July 1 to comment on this study or participate in a user survey.

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The study encompasses Lake Champlain’s main passage, Cumberland Head to Four Brothers Island, Four Brothers Island to Barber Point, Barber Point to Whitehall, Port Henry, La Motte Passage, the Gut-North Entrance, Goose Bay, Treadwell Bay, Cumberland Bay, Balcour Island Channel, Stave Island to Mallets Bay Channel, Appletree Bay, Burlington Bay, and Burlington Bay South Entrance. The study will also include Lake Memphremagog, according to the Coast Guard.

This study must be conducted every five years to ensure safe waterways and efficient navigations systems, according to the Coast Guard.