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Weather ties up kite boat’s trans-At passage

SEPT. 21 - “Wretched” weather conditions have hampered British adventurer Dom Mee’s solo passage across the North Atlantic in a 14-foot kite-driven boat. After more than 30 days at sea, Mee hasn’t made nearly as much progress as he had hoped.

The ex-Royal Marine has had to endure the remnants of hurricanes Katrina and Maria, and tropical storms Nate and Ophelia, according to information on Mee’s Web site . Mee is headed to the south of these systems, and hopes his progress will improve.

“I reckon with luck I should now be around 40 days to reaching Blighty [England],” Mee says in a Sept. 19 post on the site.

On Aug. 18, Mee set off from St. John’s, Newfoundland, aboard his kite-boat, Little Murka. Mee and his Kite Quest 200 team hope he will become the first person to cross an ocean aboard a kite-driven vessel. The boat is equipped with 60 days worth of supplies, and Mee hopes to reach the finish in Exmouth, England, before those supplies run out.

“I want eggs, bacon and sausages, grilled,” Mee says about his return to England.

In 2003 Mee and another former Royal Marine attempted to row from Japan to San Francisco but the passage was foiled when their boat struck a fishing vessel. Later that year Mee kayaked the Northwest Passage, following the route of explorer Sir John Ross. In 2004 Mee led an expedition to the North Pole.

Jason Fell