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Web Waypoints - September 2006

A funny thing happened on the way to the church

A recent bachelor party in Norway went awry after the husband-to-be was left floating in an icy fjord as a joke. Friends of the 31-year-old had picked him up at his house and escorted him to a sailboat for what was to be pleasant day on the water, the Aftenposten newspaper reported. The men dressed

the unsuspecting groom in a survival suit and threw him overboard in the Trondheim Fjord. They apparently had hired a seaplane to retrieve the groom from the water, but choppy conditions made it impossible for the plane to land. When the men aboard the sailboat lost sight of the groom they called for help. About an hour later authorities found the man, who reportedly thought the rescue was part of the joke. Authorities were expected to issue the groom’s best man a warning and a fine.


A Hawaiian man allegedly damaged up to 10 boats and two piers with his Prowler 76 powerboat in an attempt to evade police following a drunken driving accident. Police say the 65-year-old Honolulu man smashed his convertible automobile into a sport utility vehicle in the marina parking lot, then boarded his boat to try and flee the scene, Honolulu’s Star Bulletin newspaper reported. The man — who was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, criminal property damage and fleeing the scene of an accident — allegedly collided with a number of boats as he was attempting to leave the harbor. “At first I thought we were having an earthquake,” boat owner Bill Browning says in the report. Browning was sleeping aboard his 70-foot catamaran at the Waikiki Yacht Club when the Prowler struck his boat. “By the sixth time he hit me, I thought my boat was going to snap in half.”


Two people tubing on Tennessee’s Nickajack Lake in June were rescued after the people operating the boat fell overboard. Crewless and running at full throttle, the boat began turning in tight circles, prohibiting the people on the tube from letting go for fear of being hit, according to the online newspaper An officer with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency who was patrolling the lake approached the runaway boat and tried to foul its prop with a line but was unsuccessful. Using his vessel, the officer decided to ram the boat and managed to reach in and shut off its engine. No one was injured in the incident, and there reportedly was only minimal damage to the runaway boat.


Canada’s Ontario Provincial Police in June arrested a pair of naked boaters on Lake Rosseau who were allegedly operating under the influence. As police approached the 16-foot Century ski boat, they saw the naked man, who is 53, and woman, 34, a report in the Toronto Star newspaper says. Police say the woman took the helm and sped off. Police gave chase, but the male passenger apparently grabbed the throttle and stopped the boat. On board, authorities said they found open liquor containers and no PFDs. The woman, who was said to be “belligerent” and resisted arrest, was charged with impaired operation of a vessel and failure to have life jackets on board. Neither passenger was charged with public nudity.