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Website offers glimpse into Concordia wreck removal

The fatal wreck of the cruise ship Costa Concordia on the west coast of Italy on Jan. 13 might be old news in the public’s consciousness, but the long and arduous task of removing the wreck from the rocky coast remains ongoing.

Created by Costa Cruises in partnership with the Italian-American consortium that is overseeing the work, The Parbuckling Project website offers background information about the removal effort and the companies involved; updates on the project's progress; and videos, 3-D animations and pictures of the work.

Parbuckling is the technical term for the process of rotating a wreck into an upright position, a complex undertaking.

In a related story, the captain of the Costa Concordia denied abandoning the ship and revealed that he is writing a book that will disclose the "shocking truth" of what really happened when his ship rammed into the island of Giglio with the loss of 32 lives.

In claims never aired before, he said that after reaching dry land in a lifeboat — contrary to media reports — he managed to get into an inflatable dinghy and return to the ship in order to help with the chaotic night-time evacuation.

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