Week-Long Coastal Cleanup Initiative Kicks Off

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Wednesday, June 24, marked the beginning of the first-ever East Coast Community Cleanup. Save the Sound teamed up with Future Frogmen and Patagonia of Westport to launch this virtual session, which was hosted on Microsoft Teams to kick off the week-long invitation to residents along the eastern seaboard to clean trash out of their local waterways.

From June 25 through July 2, anyone who removes trash from public and natural areas can fill out a digital form and post photos of their collected trash to Facebook and Instagram, some of which will be reposted on the participating organizations’ social pages. All of the data will be assessed to determine how much and what type of trash is cleaned up over the week.

The virtual cleanup effort is a first for Save the Sound, which has been the Connecticut coordinator for the International Coastal Cleanup since 2002. It represents a creative solution for continuing cleanup efforts amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic, especially approaching the annual fall cleanup.