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Westlawn Institute offers tuition discounts

Westlawn Institute of Technology, the non-profit educational affiliate of the American Boat and Yacht Council, is lowering education costs to help boat-design students follow their passion and reach their goals.

Westlawn has trained more practicing boat designers than any other school in the world,” Westlawn director Dave Gerr said in a statement. “Our alumni and students are working throughout the industry and we’re working hard to keep costs down to enable more students to study at Westlawn.”

A zero-interest tuition payment plan is offered for all four modules of the professional diploma program, yacht and boat design, the short course Elements of Technical Boat Design and for all continuing-education courses. The goal is for students to complete their studies at affordable prices with no student-loan debt.

“These are huge cost savings,” Gerr said. “It allows our students to acquire and learn a full suite of critical marine-design software at incredibly low prices.”

ABYC members, excluding student members, receive a 20 percent discount on all Westlawn courses.

Westlawn student benefits include:

• Free Student AutoCAD, full version (saving $4,195)
• Orca3D Hull Modeling and Rhino General 3D-Modeling Software at deep discounts, thanks to DRS C3 Advanced Technology Center
• Orca3D Level 1 and 2 heavily discounted (saving more than $3,000)
• Free Scan&Solve FEA/Simulation Software by Intact Solutions (saving $995)

Orca Level 1 is one of the programs students can use to meet the minimum requirements to complete Westlawn studies, and Level 2 will help as students do more advanced work. The minimum suite of basic CAD software that is needed to complete the yacht and boat design program is AutoCad, plus Orca3D Level 1 & Rhino, and is offered for less than $300, the lowest cost for minimum required software.

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