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Wet pet on a sinking boat


JAN. 31 — Close to using up one of his nine lives, Fido the cat was the only passenger prowling the powerboat moored at Corona del Mar State Beach last Friday when the vessel began taking on water at 9 a.m., according to a report in The Log, Southern California’s Boating and Fishing Magazine.

A nearby resident notified the local sheriff’s officers, who went out in their patrol boat to the vessel and determined they were unable to stop the leak. Upon contacting the owner, Deputy Christopher Corn hopped aboard as eight to 10-foot swells rocked the powerboat, according to the article. Breaking open the cabin door lock, Corn looked for the white and marmalade cat, but couldn’t find him. Hopping back into the patrol boat with his partner, they circled the vessel and finally spotted Fido treading water in the cabin.

Corn broke the portside window with a boathook to provide an exit, but a startled Fido began swimming the other way, according to the article. Going the extra mile, Corn got back into the vessel — the bow was already submerged — and waded through waist-deep water, finally grabbing the elusive cat by the tail.

Fido, who is 11, was brought back to his relieved owners, disgruntled but dry in a gray towel. Salvage divers are assessing the powerboat this week.

— Elizabeth Ellis
Photo courtesy of Orange County Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol