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What yard bill?

MAY 25 —New Zealand prison officials are investigating a guard who allegedly used inmates to help refit his 12 Meter yacht, which prisoners nicknamed “HMS Corrections.”

The country’s corrections spokesperson received an anonymous tip that a sailboat belonging to a guard at the Auckland Prison was repaired by inmates at a prison workshop, a Dominion Post newspaper report says. The incident is the latest in a string of corruption accusations against prison guards.

The accusation of the yacht refit came days after four guards were suspended for allegedly taking inmates to their homes to complete a number of personal projects, including building a shed, the report says.

Auckland Prison’s corrections chief executive defended his department, according to the news report, saying the 10 staff members suspended so far due to corruption investigations are a small fraction of the more than 3,000 guards at the prison. New Zealand’s corrections minister, David O’Connor, says he is investigating the corruption allegations.

Jason Fell