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What’s On The Menu At The White Shark Café?


More than a decade ago, scientist Barbara Block, of Stanford University's Marine Station, noticed that every December tagged sharks would leave the "Red Triangle,” an area near Monterey Bay, California, and take a long trip out to sea.

Scientists were initially baffled by the annual movement because it would take the sharks a month to reach a spot that originally appeared to be an empty void in the Pacific Ocean.

A recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle reveals what researchers from five scientific institutions discovered when they traveled to the area last spring.

In essence, the area, which Block named the White Shark Café, is filled with tiny light-sensitive creatures and also attracts small fish, squid and jellies, which then attract larger fish such as blue sharks and tuna. It’s not clear if the white sharks are eating or if they’re there to mate, but the scientists gathered a treasure trove of data from and about the sharks, and they believe the analysis of that data will provide more answers.

This 2016 video from the Monterey Bay Aquarium explains the shark migration to the White Shark Cafe and how the scientists designed the technology that helped them gather the data.



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