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What's Your Favorite Dock and Dine?

Tell us where you take your crew when they're hungry.

There are many fun things to do by boat, and one of the best pastimes is enjoying a great meal at a waterfront restaurant that you travel to by boat—arriving in style with rarely a parking issue.

Where are the best dock-and-dines? That’s a question we recently asked Soundings readers. Now, your nominations are in and it’s time to vote for your favorite waterfront restaurant. Click on the link below to cast your ballot for the top spot. Deadline for votes is April 13. Please take a minute to let us know where you like to take your boat when the crew is hungry.

Vote for your favorite dock-and-dine here:



MOB Shot

Best Dock & Dines

Readers weigh in on their favorite places to tie up the boat and grab a bite to eat after a day on the water?


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