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When things went wrong, teen boater kept cool

When 15-year Floridian Matt Mainzer decided to take a couple of friends out boating one Sunday afternoon in late March, little did he know that he would find himself and his friends floating in life jackets hanging on to the overturned hull of the teen’s 17-foot flats boat awaiting rescue.

But according to Mainzer, his boating safety education would help him survive the day. A graduate of the no-cost online boating safety course provided by the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water, Mainzer said, ‘I wouldn’t have known what I needed to know if I hadn’t taken the boating safety course.”

According to Mainzer, as water started to fill the boat through a rapidly widening crack in the hull - eventually causing the three teens to jump overboard - the quick thinking Mainzer had everyone in life jackets.

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