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Who needs a bigger boat?

SEPT. 13 — A California man fishing recently in a 15-foot aluminum boat about 20 miles off Dana Point, Calif., says he reeled in a 190-pound marlin using 20-pound tackle.

Tom Baker, of Los Alamitos, Calif., who was fishing with a friend, says he fought the fish for nearly two hours before hauling it into the boat, California’s Orange County Register newspaper reported. “I’ve never been scared of gaffing a fish in my life, but I was thinking, If I gaff this thing, it’ll probably break my arm,” Baker says in the report. “But I thought, I’ve got to go for it because I’m never going to get this chance again.”

The two men launched the boat and headed southwest of DanaPoint in search of dorado, the report says. Not long after dropping his line it began spooling off the reel, Baker says.

“Dude, start the motor and follow the fish,” Baker told his friend. “I can’t fight this fish just sitting here.”

The men followed the marlin for about five miles, the report says. The marlin surfaced a final time and Baker was able to pull the fish to the boat. The men say the fish measured about 8 feet. “When it came up I couldn’t believe the size of it,” he says in the report.

Baker would have released the fish, he says in the report, but because of its size he had to keep it. “Nobody would have believed me,” he says.

— Jason Fell