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Wildlife Service boat sinks in harbor

A harbormaster discovered a sunken U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service vessel in a Kodiak harbor early Friday morning, according to the Coast Guard in Alaska, which is investigating the sinking.

The harbormaster at St. Herman's Harbor noticed the 63-foot Arluk under water about 3:30 a.m. Friday and set up containment boom around it, the Coast Guard said in a written statement. A salvage company, Lazy Bay, plugged openings on the Arluk and is contracted to refloat the ship. It remained submerged Friday afternoon, said Bruce Woods, a spokesman for the Fish and Wildlife Service.

So far, it's unclear what caused the Arluk to sink, Woods said.

"That we do not know yet. And, as I understand it, they probably won't know until the ship is raised," Woods said. "It's a mystery to everybody at this point."

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