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Wind-Powered Ferry to Ply Scottish Waters

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A new, green vessel powered by wind may soon ply Scottish waters, and no, it doesn’t have sails. Scottish Government-owned ferry firm Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) is currently developing a sustainable ferry that uses power from wind farms as part of the EU-funded HYSEAS III program.

The ferry, which will be able to carry 160 passengers and 16 cars, will run from the town of Kirkwall to the island of Shapisnay. It will utilize hydrogen fuel cells, which will draw energy from wind farms on the island. The ferry should be able to travel to other ports in the future once hydrogen fuel becomes available.

Designed by AqualisBraemar LOC Group, the ferry is a promising indication of more zero-emission transportation technology to come. The fuel cell, battery and propulsion are currently being tested in Bergen, Norway, and the design should be complete in March 2022, at which point the procurement process and eventual construction can begin. 


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Runaway Boat Heads for Swimmers in Florida

A runaway boat was recovered in Florida after its operator fell overboard.

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Pilot Whales Swim with Boat in Maldives

A pair of short-finned pilot whales swim near the bow of a boat carrying a large number of people in the Maldives.


Two Saturday Night Live Comedians Buy Staten Island Ferry Boat

Colin Jost and Pete Davidson plan to turn a decommissioned ferry boat into a comedy club.

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The Power of Women Who Sail

After becoming accomplished in a male-dominated sport, Gail Hine took it upon herself to get more women involved.

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Oldest Shipyard in the US to Build Vita’s Electric Flagship

Vita has announced that its 34-foot LION will be built at Hodgdon Yachts in Maine.

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The Tale of the Flying Tanker

A man in Cornwall, England, sees a ship hovering above the sea, and the explanation is fascinating.

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Alaskan Man Makes Weekly 14-Hour Boat Trip to Keep His Town Supplied

A local grocer travels 50 miles by boat and picks up $30,000 worth of supplies every week to keep his small town fed.

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Two Right Whales Critically Endangered

A 4-year-old and an 11-year-old right whale have been spotted entangled in fishing gear, and the outcome may be grim.