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Woman stranded on island gets food air-drop

If you're sick of all the snow and ice this winter, imagine being stranded by ice and stuck on a Maine island for the whole month of February.

"I've been iced in for 32 days. The longest I've been trapped on the island before was two weeks," lobster scientist Diane Cowan told WCSH 6 News.

A month on the island also means a month without any grocery trips. Cowan said she had enough supplies to get through another month, but was out of essentials like coffee, and missed things like fresh fruit and meat.

So her friends chartered a plane and loaded in two boxes with food. It was -12 degrees when they tossed the boxes out the plane window over the island.

Cowan said she was waiting on the ground by the "drop zone" and watched the first box fly into the air. She found out later it had hit the roof of a building. The second box, she said, landed gently. Meat, dog treats, fresh oranges and coffee were all safely delivered.

"I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled,” she told WCSH 6 News.