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Wonders of the deep caught on video

Anyone with an affinity for blue water can appreciate two videos recently shared globally of rarely-seen ocean mysteries.

In the first of the separate incidents, a team in Japan has captured what is being called the "first-ever" footage of a living giant squid in its natural habitat.

The video was reportedly recorded nine miles east of Chichi Island in the North Pacific Ocean by scientists from Japan's National Museum of Nature and Science, in cooperation with Japanese public broadcaster NHK and the Discovery Channel.

The footage is scheduled to air Jan. 27 in the U.S., as part of the Discovery Channel program "Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real." The segment will feature images of the silvery, 10-foot creature swimming against the current.

Click here for the full report with video clip by The Huffington Post.

Closer to home, dolphins made a lasting impression on a group of California tourists on a recent whale-watching boat trip. An estimated 1,000 dolphins “stampeded” through the surf in a rare massive pod movement.

Passengers and crew aboard the tourboat captured the scene on dozens of smartphone cameras.

The dolphins were porpoising, the term used to describe the creatures when they are engaged in their fasted mode of movement.

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