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Yacht crew rescues fishing-boat crew

The crew of the Australian yacht Public Nuisance turned public hero by rescuing three commercial fishermen whose boat capsized on the Narooma inlet bar crossing.

Both vessels approached the bar, south of Sydney, at about the same time around 4 p.m. after a day sailing and fishing, respectively.

The skipper of a 21-foot fishing boat Michael Bulakowski said he decided to steer away to allow the yacht to go in through bar first.

At the helm of the Narooma-based yacht was skipper Harvey Michael who got through fine.

His crew glanced back to see the fishing boat get caught in steep waves and slop right at the entrance. It flipped over and Bulakowski and his crew consisting of longtime fishing partners found themselves trapped under their boat.

“It happened in an instant,” Bulakowski told the Narooma News.

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