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Yacht crew to be trained on tran-At crossings

International Yacht Training and Sirius Sailing have partnered to launch a yachting first: Trans-Atlantic crossings aboard a custom-built classroom afloat that enables both theory and practical certification training.

The first trans-Atlantic crossing will depart Antigua in April, bound for Athens, Greece with 24 berths available for both 21-day passage legs.

The trip will run aboard the 112-foot schooner S/Y Argo, a vessel unique in that she was custom-designed from the outset to serve equally well as a floating classroom and a powerful oceangoing yacht.

The 4,800-nautical-mile voyage will provide both the adventurous amateur sailor and the prospective professional yacht crewmember with the chance to cross the Atlantic aboard a large sailing yacht in a 'by-the-book' hands-on training environment.

For the potential crewmember who wants to combine sea time and training in the most concentrated form, it offers the ideal chance to gain the tools necessary to forge a career in the yachting sector.

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