Yacht skipper blamed in ship collision


In a case of knowing the rules of the road on a crowded waterway, the skipper of a 33-foot is defending himself in a British court over a collision with an 870-foot oil tanker.

The accident happened August 6, 2011, but is presently being fought in a Southampton, England, courtroom.

“We do not say that the defendant did not see the tanker at all — that’s not the case,” prosecutor Peter Handley, representing the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, told the court. “But he did fail to make a full appraisal of the situation.”

In a video of the collision, which achieved great notoriety on the internet, the rigging of the Atalanta of Chester sloop got caught on the ship’s anchor, bringing down the mast. One of the crew on the yacht suffered a minor injury in the process.

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