Yacht voyage offer ‘Hope’ for MS sufferers


The Danish yacht, Oceans of Hope, has set sail from Copenhagen on a historic global voyage. It is the first ever circumnavigation of the world by a yacht crewed by people with multiple sclerosis.

Oceans of Hope is the flagship of a campaign by the same name, organized by the Sailing Sclerosis Foundation. The aim of the 17-month project is to change perceptions of MS by showing what is possible when people with a chronic disease are empowered to conquer their individual challenges.

The crew who set sail from Copenhagen on June 15 on the 33,000-nautical-mile voyage have been involved in establishing an active network across Denmark of groups of people with MS who sail on a regular basis.

Through sailing events organised during stopovers in the 20 ports of call they want to widen those networks between the MS and the sailing worlds and help create a valuable legacy for the Oceans of Hope project.

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