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Yachts blamed for 'mini tsunami' that damaged boats

When a pair of yachts motored past Badger’s Island, off Kittery, Maine, last Friday afternoon, at least nine boats were damaged in their massive wake, said Darren LaPierre, owner of Badger’s Island Marina, East and West.

“It was like a mini tsunami,” said LaPierre, who continued to assess the damage on Monday.

One boat was thrown through the air “like a projectile” and into the hull of another one, said LaPierre. Another boat was thrown onto a dock and riddled with a spider web of cracks, while at least a half dozen steel cleats were pulled from the docks, he said.

LaPierre first heard about the “nasty swell” from one of his employees who left him a voice mail reporting a “wall of water” and telling him to “get back here now, there’s been a catastrophe.”

A no-wake zone for the area is long overdue, LaPierre told a local newspaper.

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