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Yachts with champagne showers tempt the rich

The average boater might be counting his pennies, but on the planet of the super rich, money is no object.

Yacht builders say the demands of their super-rich customers are becoming increasingly eccentric. Clients demanded two helipads on one yacht, a giant room-sized freezer compartment so guests can have snowball fights in the Bahamas and even recording studios and operating theaters on others.

One of the latest luxury yacht fads is for "RainSky" shower units. They have shower heads the size of a car bonnet, consume 10 gallons of water a minute and cost $25,000. One builder said his latest order was from an unnamed Russian client who wanted a RainSky shower on his yacht capable of squirting either water or champagne on demand. "We'll manage that," the builder said. "The only unresolved question is whether the champagne should be warm or cold."

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