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On Tuesday, Yamaha introduced the new XTO Offshore 450 engine, steering upgrades to the F150 and F250, and upgrades to the Helm Master EX.

XTO Offshore 450

Following the XTO 425, Yamaha released the XTO 450, a new outboard with a little more power. The XTO 450 V8 has the same 5.6L displacement, but with more charging power. Using a three-phase system, the 450 produces 96 net amps per engine while in neutral. In many applications, this is powerful enough to eliminate the need for an onboard generator. The amount of energy produced could power gyro stabilizers, sound systems, air conditioning and more. The 450 is available in white and grey.

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F200/F150 Integrated Steering Model

Yamaha also upgraded the F150 and F200. The Digital Electronic Control and mechanical versions have integrated electro-hydraulic steering that Yamaha describes as a plug-and-play system that uses less rigging space by employing steer-by-wire technology to engage the under-cowling steering control unit. It communicates with a hydraulic pump in the mounting bracket. The system is compatible with Yamaha’s Helm Master EX, including the joystick.

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2023 Helm Master EX

Yamaha’s updated Helm Master EX includes a space-saving digital design with new trim and lighting options and available increased bow thruster control. A joystick-only station was also introduced.

The integrated bow thruster control is an on-demand, self-activating feature that works with the joystick to enhance lateral movement and pivoting by automatically engaging the thruster. It’s available for up to triple engine installations, and the independent thruster controls can still be used.

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The new outboards and Helm Master EX upgrades are expected to be available this spring.



Yamaha’s Biggest Outboard Ever!

Yamaha Marine in May launched its XTO Offshore platform by introducing the XF425, a 425-horsepower, four-stroke outboard that is the company’s highest-horsepower offering to date.

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Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 11.04.22 AM

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