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Yamaha launches ‘Fishing with Helm Master’ video series

Yamaha Marine Group announced a new “Fishing with Helm Master” video series that portrays the fishing applications and maneuvering capabilities of Yamaha’s fully integrated boat control system.

In the first video, “Catching Bait on Structure,” Yamaha Saltwater Pro’s George Mitchell demonstrates how Helm Master helps put the boat in position and keeps it there while fishing for bait.

Videos can be viewed on or at the Yamaha Marine website.

“The opportunity to show how anglers how can use the Helm Master system to their advantage for practical angling techniques is really exciting,” said Frank Wilhelm, Yamaha Marine Group advertising and digital marketing manager, in a statement. “This new series will illustrate how Helm Master is not only a great tool for docking in a marina, but how it also can help fishermen be even more effective doing what they love to do.”

Yamaha plans to add new videos to the series by the end of the summer.