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Yamaha offers Helm Master instructional DVD

The Yamaha Marine Group announced the launch of the Helm Master Captain’s Delivery and System DVD, which will be available next month for dealers, boatbuilders and Helm Master owners.

Helm Master, Yamaha’s integrated boat control system, was launched in 2012 to offer boaters the latest technology for operating and maneuvering large outboard-powered boats with twin, triple or quad engine configurations.

The new instructional DVD contains a comprehensive overview of the Helm Master control system’s features, as well as its capabilities.

Segments include Helm Master System Overview, Electronic Key Switch, Digital Helm, Digital Electronic Control, 6Y9 Display and Joystick Controller. Each video segment is designed to enhance the owner’s confidence in operating the system and to make boating easier and more enjoyable.

“We’ve designed the DVD with our Helm Master customers’satisfaction in mind,” Yamaha Marine Group product information manager David Meeler said in a statement. “While many of the controls are intuitive, new owners can greatly benefit from the hands-on demonstrations and discussion.”