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Yamaha plans outboard introduction in Miami

Yamaha Marine Group will introduce six new outboards this week, as well as a host of new rigging, parts, propellers and updates to the Helm Master integrated boat control system, during the Miami International Boat Show.

Yamaha also will further expand its Offshore Demo Tour program at Sea Isle Marina with many Helm Master-equipped boats.

The new outboards support Yamaha’s continued emphasis on providing product that integrates with a wide range of boating applications and boater preferences.

Headlining the new product release are four additions to the V MAX SHO outboard family.

The new V MAX SHO 115 (MSRP $11,755) is aimed at smaller boats, and the new V MAX SHO 175 (MSRP $16,740) is aimed at midsize boats.

The new V MAX SHO 150 X-Shaft (MSRP $16,490) and V MAX SHO 250 X-Shaft (MSRP $23,150) are the first members of the V MAX SHO family to feature a 25-inch shaft length. Each of the new outboards allows Yamaha’s V MAX SHO family to integrate with more boat types and meet the needs of more boaters.

Yamaha Marine also unveiled an updated version of the 2.7-liter F150, which will be available in models with a 20-inch shaft (MSRP $14,910) and a 25-inch shaft (MSRP $14,990), as well as a 25-inch left-hand-rotating model (MSRP $15,560) and a jet model (MSRP $16,470).

Additionally, Yamaha introduced a refreshed version of its F8 portable outboard with a shortened tiller handle and improved look. The new F8 will be available in models with a 15-inch shaft (MSRP $2,480) and a 20-inch shaft (MSRP $2,510).

Accompanying the new outboards are a host of new propellers, including additions to the following Yamaha propeller series: Performance (MSRP $404.95 to $659.95), Reliance (MSRP $589.95), Saltwater Series XL (MSRP $956.95) and Talon (MSRP $513.75).

Lastly, Yamaha Marine unveiled Helm Master for Quad and F200 outboard applications.